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We love to reload, develope loads, and shoot. Our Accuracy Products are second to none. Shop today!
We have accuracy at our fingertips today! Better firearms overall, actions are bedded, triggers are often adjustable, barrel quality is much improved. Ammunition is greatly improved in many cases. With this in mind we can still optimize our chosen firearm. We can often improve the consistency of our ammunition. Reloading offers many choices to improve this consistency. When you are handloading one cartridge at a time, you have the opportunity to make your ammo very consistent. I've used the word consistency several times here because it is the single biggest gain from reloading. You can start with a new lot of cartridge cases usually a 100 pack. At this point you should weigh each case, sort them into groups as to weight. Typically a lot of 100 will vary from 3.5 to 5.0 grains difference lightest to heaviest. This is important because the extra weight is on the inside affecting capacity which in turn affects pressure. This is just the starting point of consistency. The factory would load all of these cases the same in one lot. Many more steps further improve this consistency. These pains are not taken at the factory, however some custom ammo producers do take these steps, at additional costs.